What Vitamins, Supplements to Feed & Stimulate Chickens to Make them More Lay Eggs Faster

gamefowl hen chickens laying eggs

Anybody know any tricks to make a hen lay. I have wormed her dipped her vitamins electrolytes probotics everything I know on green grass good feed . Idk what to do with this crazy roundhead hen. She is a 5x5 pen all to herself no stress just stubborn I believe. She was in a pen with a rooster she didn't like and stayed up on the roost all day she has been in the 5x5 by herself for a week now

- Feed raw rice

- Fresh water daily and don't overfeed

- If she staying on roost then she probably stressed. Put her in at least a 4x4 pen by herself for awhile.. leave her alone . And just put rooster in once every 3 days.  yep all they need is space! Stress and female don't mixed well bud.

- Red pepper ain't gonna do it.. thats to get them laying late winter.. she gonna need peace and quiet..not to mention its molt time.

- Gonna try a old trick and get some red pepper and let her eat it.

- The weather has a lot to do with it nd game hens stop laying periodically.. not a production egg layer. All these tricks are for getting birds to lay for winter not a stressed out hen.

- Feed her dry cat food and I guarantee she starts laying

- Red pepper the kind you but on pizza
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