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Black Spider with White Stripes & Dots Spotted Jumping on Back Poisonous

Zebra Spider

Yesterday, I was listening to music in my grand am and texting and there was a black and white spider the size of a dime that came from the door somewhere and went behind my steering wheel column and I wanna know what kind it is an if its poisonous because I didn't kill it it was moving really fast.

I normally don't care if I see a spider but I have never seen one like that and I have never seen them in my car either.

And I need to know if it is poisonous because if it is not then I don't care but if it is I want it the fuck outta my car because I don't wanna get bit.

Today, I found another spider which makes 2 in 3 weeks (probably due to weather changes and wanting a dryer place to stay). Pretty cool once you have caught them and really looked at them close up.

The 1st was a fuzy black spider with white stripes also known as a zebra spider which isn't poisonous but like all spiders if provoked it will bite.

The 2nd is a tiny wolf spider which actually is venomous but not extremely harmful to humans (doesn't intentionally bite humans). wolf spiders are also confused with the brown recluse spider which is more venomous.

But with any spider bite it is good to treat it (mild ones just simple antibacterial handsoap, warm water, and then sterile ice pack. do NOT try to squeeze poison out for it can go into the blood stream, if problem persists go see a doc).

But it is getting to be summer which means these standard house pests as some would call them need to be recognized and studied for your knowledge as well as others, remember curious little people will try to play with such things.

Plus they don't know any better when playing outside so do yourself a favor and teach your kids what to watch out for when it comes to poisonous spiders, plants and snakes. common sense goes a long way use the internet to teach others of the dangers of summer.

Oh yeahh...

Does anyone know what kind of spider this is? It's black and has white in it with yellow spots on its back and it's legs are striped with yellow and black? I was wondering if it's poisonous cause it's colorful. (Sorry for the darkness and bad picture quality, but I'm not getting any closer to it haha)

spider with yellow spots on its back

Okay lol I read that they aren't poisonous so that's good it's on our porch but it's in the corner. I still don't like it tho.
It is the Black and Yellow Garden Spider and nothing saying that it is poisonous or not. but I'lol just avoid it. I know mama don't like it lol but it's good that it isn't poisonous.

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