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Stop Condensation in Ford Focus Windows Fogging up from Steaming up Problem

condensation ford focus windows

Anyone getting condensation in their car i have to have windows down or heating on i dont have any leaks or dampness any ideas???

I cant find any leaks anywhere theres no dampness or anything. When ever i get in my car if its been stood all the windows have condensation i put heaters on it clears turn it off comes back if i open windows it clears close them it comes back but i cant find any leaks.

May well be the sudden change in temp… I had same issue from time to time.. windowlene my interior like the windows etc. in the process it will kill the moisture

But honestly try the cat litter in an open bin liner - it will draw out the moisture trapped in fabrics!!

Trust me on this - simply put some cat litter in a bag/bin liner in a roller tray on the back seat or floor behind the front seats. It will absorb moisture trapped in the carpets/seats/lining that has entered your car due to the cold/damp weather and of course you simply breathing!

This does not stop the ‘leak’ but is so cheap to solve the issues. I’ve used this many many times in my cortinas and escorts.

or sometimes I keep a 1 pound dehumidifier from Poundland in the car that I put on the dash when I park which seems to keep it at bay.

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