How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone?

Do you need to record an incoming call on your iPhone? Recording a telephone conversation on an iPhone can be useful in many different scenarios, whether it’s to keep a record of customer service conversations or to capture important conversations.

Recording a call on an iPhone is possible, but Apple had disabled the built-in feature that allowed it. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, however; there are still some ways to record a phone call on an iPhone. Here, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to record a phone call on an iPhone.

Overview of Recording a Phone Call on iPhone

With the rise of mobile devices, recording a phone call on an iPhone has become an increasingly popular endeavor. You can record a phone call with your iPhone in order to keep a record of an important conversation or to preserve a fond memory with your loved ones. However, you need to keep in mind the legal implications of recording a phone call on an iPhone in certain states. Before recording a phone call on your iPhone, check with your state laws to make sure you understand the legal implications of doing so.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to record a phone call on your iPhone. We will discuss the different ways of recording a phone call on an iPhone, the technical requirements, and the legal implications of recording a phone call on an iPhone. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to record a phone call on an iPhone.

What You Need

  • iPhone
  • Headphones or recorder
  • Recording app for android

The App You Need and Installation Process

To record a phone call on iPhone, you will need to have a third-party app installed. There are many apps available on the App Store, but it can be difficult to find the right one. The most popular and reliable app is TapeACall Pro.

Before you can start recording your phone calls, you will need to install the TapeACall Pro app. The installation process is fairly straightforward and can be completed in a few steps:

  • Open the App Store from your iPhone and search for “TapeACall Pro”.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Open the app and sign up for a free trial.
  • Verify your email and start using the app.

Once the app is installed, you can start recording phone calls with ease. All you have to do is press the “Record” button when the call is connected and your conversation will be recorded. You will then be able to save the recording and listen to it anytime.

Steps to Record A Phone Call on iPhone

Recording phone calls on iPhones entails pressing the right buttons and switches at the right moment. For many people, they may find the process a daunting one. But with this guide below, anyone can easily record a phone call on an iPhone.


  • Download and Launch the App
    This is the first step to begin recording a phone call on an iPhone. There are many apps available on the App Store that allow users to record phone calls. Upon downloading one, open it on your device and navigate to the set-up. When you’re done, activate the app’s access to your microphone and phone.
  • Make the Call
    Now that the app is installed and ready to go, make the phone call from your iPhone. As soon as the receiver answers your phone call, open the app you had installed and hit the record button. This records the duration and conversation of your phone call experience.
  • Save the Recording
    As soon as the phone call is completed, the recording of your conversation should be present in the app. To save this recording, open the app and find the save option. Depending on the type of app, the saving process may vary from one app to another. After you’re done saving the recording, click start to make another call.

These steps when followed thoroughly should allow users to successfully record a phone call on their iPhone. Do note to confirm the laws of your country when recording a phone call as some countries require consent from both parties before doing so.


Recording a phone call on an iPhone is easier than ever and can be done directly through the iOS platform. With just a few taps on the iPhone you can record an incoming or outgoing call with a recorder app. You can also use a regular voice recorder app to record the audio with a high-quality sound. Recording a phone call on an iPhone is a great way to keep track of conversations for later reference.

It is important to check the privacy laws in your area as some states may not allow recording of phone calls without the consent of all parties. Once you have established that it is legal to record calls in your area, it is fairly straightforward to set up the process on your iPhone. With the help of a recorder app you can create high-quality recordings and keep track of important conversations.

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